Submersible Pumps

60HZ Submersible Pumps

DA-RONG manufactures 60hz submersible pumps of 4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14" with power ranging from 1/2hp to 100hp and flows between 0.3 m3/h and 78 m3/h; heads ranging to 249 meters. The special models of submersible pumps depending upon the customer requirements.

For stable performance and durability of the pumps, all DA-RONG's submersible pumps are produced in accordance with ISO-9001 quality standard and CE certifications. We not only conduct restrict control over the process, but also use a computer-based automatic testing system to test our products.

60hz submersible pumps made out of premium quality of raw material to ensure that pumps are energy efficient, reliable and have very long life. The pumps can work continuously for a longer periodof time without any trouble. Higher reliability and best results even under harsh conditions make itacceptable to its users. The submersible pumps provide sand handling in professional application like industrial water, fishery, agricultural irrigation, potable water supply, drinking water, water supply.